About Us

Our mission is to create a platform that utilises immersive technologies such as VR to create positive narratives and bring mental health care into the future.

In the U.S. 50 million adults have a mental health illness (20.6% of adults). In the UK around 21% of adults experienced some depression in early 2021. Poor mental health leads to approximately 8 million deaths per year. VR therapy can help prevent millions of deaths every year by embracing immersive technologies and make therapy 2-3x cheaper than traditional rehabilitation. 

We want to bring mental health care into the future. Using virtual reality, we aim to provide a VR app that can help users to express and understand how they feel by drawing and creating scenes in a virtual environment. Clients seeking mental health support can pay to have VR therapy sessions with a live therapist if they choose to.

Anomie requires a virtual reality headset and can be used anywhere with wifi connection. By embracing innovative technologies we are making digital remote therapy more accessible, effective and using VR to tackle stigmas associated with seeking mental health support.

VR allows for pivoting, and changing of perspective. Physically change your virtual space and feel what it’s like to change direction. 

— Louise Austin, Artgym Academy  & Course Director at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education

The Team

CEO Co-Founder
Nina Salomons

Nina Salomons has worked in the UK immersive scene since 2016, leading the XR Diversity Initiative, organizing Women in VR meetups and working for well-established VR companies such as VRFocus, Cornerstone Partnership, ImmerseUK, Innovate UK, Digital Catapult and Inition ltd. This includes developing, writing, filming, marketing and delivering immersive projects. Her work in VR and healthcare started in 2018, where she brought VR into UK prisons for wellbeing. She has an extensive and established network with XR hardware and software companies.

COO & Co-Founder
Liam McKill

Liam Mckill is a 3D Artist, XR Consultant and Virtual Reality World Builder. His first virtual world was highly publicized on the High Fidelity VR platform. He has since gone on to be featured in published articles for his Facebook Horizon projects where he was selected to be a Pre-Alpha tester on the platform. As a Consultant, VR Event Manager and World Builder, Liam has worked with companies such as AAVE, Nestle and Purina, Vm-people and Facebook. His main focus is in the power of immersive technologies – promoting well-being and developing positive narratives.

Emanuel Tomozei

Emanuel has a track record of developing successful XR products for enterprise and education.  He is a consultant at the World Bank Group and previously worked as a lead XR developer at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) UK. He is passionate about Virtual Reality’s potential to transform healthcare and is a regular contributor to the VR-for-Good initiative.

Anomie Roadmap

Change perspective. Change your narrative.