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Using VR to create ​narratives and bring mental ​health care into the future.

A client-led VR software solution for therapists and ​coaches, allowing clients to create their own virtual ​worlds to tackle their problems.

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Anomie in Practice

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How will Anomie take Mental Health to the next level with VR?

Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to effective, immersive coaching and therapy.

Anomie is revolutionizing the way clients connect with coaches and counsellors. By leveraging the power of virtual reality, we're breaking down the barriers that have held clients back in the past and empowering them to communicate more effectively.

With VR, clients are able to overcome the discomfort and time constraints that come with explaining complex emotions and situations. They're able to communicate in a safe, supportive environment, and coaches are able to provide the guidance and support they need to make real progress.

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Anomie in Practice

How does it work?


Install Anomie on computer and VR headset then create an account


or Coach


In Anomie, book your ​session

Open Anomie. Arrange a ​meeting. Prompt use of VR ​during session.

Enter 4 digit code given by ​client.

Guide, customise or join ​your client

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Session starts: Check-in ​via webcam and chat

Call therapist or coach ​using Anomie.

Agree to use VR. Turn on ​headset and open Anomie

Give 4 digit code to ​therapist or coach and ​start session

Put on VR headset. Build ​create and run a session!

Enter 4 digit code client ​gives. Watch & guide client.

You can also:

-take screenshots

-add markets or input 3D ​assets

-take notes

-customise client tools

-take client to safe space


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/month per headset

Our basic software package




/month per headset

Our more premium software package for those with custom branded world.


Our premium software package with customisation


per headset, one-time hardware cost

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Anomie does not have pre-designed scenarios. Clients are encouraged to describe and create their own ​virtual worlds to tackle different problems. Stay in control of sessions as coach or therapist by selecting ​template safe spaces, customize tools to suite your clients' needs and import 3D assets.



Client-led World

Client Safe Spaces (eject button)

Customize Client Tools

Import 3D Assets

Add Notes and Markers during and after ​sessions

Various camera angles

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Read what our clients have to say

Therapists and coaches, institutions and enterprise use Anomie to help treat their clients remote ​or on-location.

Lesley Simpson-Gray - ​Cyber Psychotherapist ​Founder at ​Mycybertherapyspace ​VR®

“It's been such a privilege to ​see AnomieXR taking shape, ​and to see how imperative it is ​for companies to have ​feedback from clinicians in ​every part of the development ​and testing stages.”

Jenny H Chao -

Wellness Professional | ​Design Consultant

It was really eye-opening to ​the possibilities of what I ​even thought. It's incredible ​what you're trying to do with ​Anomie.”

Rebecca Gill -

Nurse & Founder of ​VRTherapies

“I love how accessible it is, ​and being able to simplify is ​just brilliant. I wish other ​apps would do that. Being ​able to create your own ​environment and having that ​power. I love being able to ​empower people with that.”

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About Us

Globally poor mental health leads to approximately 8 ​million deaths per year. Adoption of 2D online therapy tools ​have accelerated during the pandemic. However, 2D online ​therapy is not fully engaging clients. Current online therapy ​methods have high attrition rates (up to 69%).

New innovative solutions are urgently required to tackle the ​mental health storm that will be coming.

Anomie was born during the pandemic out of need. It was ​co-designed with creative art therapists in lockdown and ​has been piloting with coaches and therapists worldwide.

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Our Story

When Nina brought VR into prisons for wellbeing in 2018 ​she realised VR was helping prisoners have less thoughts ​about self-harm and suicide. What if they could meet a ​therapist in VR and not have to rely on writing, reading or ​words?

2020 the lockdown, Nina approached Liam about ​creating VR art exhibitions focusing on 'negative to ​positive' stories.

They started experimenting and realised that what they ​were building could not only help prisoners and young ​people, but all those struggling to communicate. They ​started co-designing with therapists and so Anomie was ​born.

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Meet The Team

The co-founders have both worked in the XR field since 2013 and have a passion for using storytelling to ​improve wellbeing. They care passionately about accessibility and finding ways to communicate without ​words.

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Nina Salomons

XR Consultant ( with clients ​including ImmerseUK, ​Inition, Digital Catapult), ​founded Women in VR, ​part of TLA VR & AR ​Working Group, lead XR ​Diversity Initiative.

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Liam McKill

3D artist (NFTs), VR event ​management, VR world ​builder for brands , Pre-​alpha tester on Facebook ​Horizon, Ex VR e-sports ​captain and VR creative ​consultant .

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Work with Us

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Research and conduct studies ​us​ing Anomie

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Pilot Anomie inside your ​busines​s or enterprise

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Integrate Anomie in your ​existing​ API

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